A petting zoo

in Hawkes Bay

Looking for a great family outing in Hawkes bay? Check out Funky Farm today! Funky Farm is a safe, nurturing and educational petting zoo, made to suit everyone. It features a whole load of healthy, happy and well-pampered animals of all kinds, perfect for everyone to pet and have a cuddle. The Funky Farm also features a great picnic area away from the animals, and a playground, making it the perfect place for a birthday party or a special event. 

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Animal Holding

We have a range of beautiful friendly guinea pigs who love attention and love to have cuddles and a gorgeous blue tongue lizard who loves to get out and explore whom you can also hold.

All our animal holding areas are supervised so you do have staff supporting you and educating you on the correct way to hold the animals and they are there to also help build the confidence of those who are a bit scared to hold/pat the animals.


The Guinea pigs are placed on a little towel so they can sit on your lap while you pat and feed them their grass. 

The Blue Tounge lizard will also be placed on a little towel on your lap or on your hands like in the photo example, it all depends on how confident you are feeling. 

Don't worry if you’re not confident enough to hold an animal we still get them out for you to have a pat or to even feed them a piece of grass. We are here to help you and help grow your confidence around animals.

There are no extra fees for animal holding.

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Our Animals

- Birds

- Cockatoo 

- Turkeys

- Chickens

- Guinea Fowl

- Ducks

- Lizards

- Bearded Dragon

- Guinea Pigs

- Rabbits

- Donkeys

- Ponies 

- Alpaca

- Emu

- Deer

- Sheep

- Goats

- Pigs 

- Miniature Cows